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Whether you’re preparing for retirement, saving for your children’s education, growing your business, or planning your estate, our straightforward approach helps you navigate through the complicated universe of investments. We believe that our personalized service and the relationship that we build with you will help you reach your financial goals.



Herold & Lantern Investments, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with a personalized experience. Our family-owned business, created through the merger of Bernard Herold & Co. and Lantern Investments, is founded upon four pillars of client experience: dedication, accountability, proactivity and responsibility.


We are a wealth management boutique with a national presence that serves individual and broker-dealer clients. We educate and guide our clients to help them achieve their financial goals through a thoughtful process that combines risk management, capital growth and wealth preservation. We leverage smart technology to deploy a comprehensive suite of investment strategies, including our in-depth bond expertise.  


Started in 1972 Bernard Herold & Co., Inc. has served the financial needs of individual and institutional investors with a personalized relationship-building approach, while Lantern Investments, Inc., founded in 1993, has been an industry-leading bond specialist whose mission is to find value for investors across the country. We are committed to continuing the tradition of these legacy firms while we build a strong new company for the future.


Bernard Herold & Co. Inc. launched its advisory firm, Herold Advisors, Inc., forty-five years ago making it one of the longest established investment advisors in the nation.  Lantern launched its advisory firm, Lantern Wealth Advisors, LLC, a decade ago. Both firms continue their dedication to providing superior service to their respective clientele. Herold Advisors, Inc. and Lantern Wealth Advisors, LLC both offer fee-based asset management, wealth management and financial planning services to high net worth individuals and families.*


Our institutional team has the distinctive ability to serve other broker-dealers through tri-party clearing relationships. Bernard Herold & Co., Inc. was an industry pioneer in the clear-through business and today Herold and Lantern Investments are industry leaders partnering with 13 broker-dealer clients to provide comprehensive clear-through services.


With more than 60 professionals in 12 offices across the country, and with over $4 billion in tri-party and customer assets, Herold & Lantern is the wealth management company of choice for individuals, families and institutions seeking highly personalized service.



We offer a broad range of brokerage products and services to assist you in achieving your financial goals.  Working with a financial professional we can provide you with personalized service tailored to meet your needs.

Our products are broad to meet a wide range of investing goals. In addition to more traditional products such as equities, mutual funds, and ETF’s, we offer acute insight for bond investors.  Herold & Lantern Investments specializes in Municipal, Corporate and Government bonds.  Our team of experts can customize a fixed income portfolio to meet your income needs.






As a full-service broker-dealer with a fixed income securities foundation, we are proud to be a leading bond specialist. Our bond principals guide and educate retail and institutional customers regarding corporate, government, municipal, mortgage-backed securities (MBSs) and brokered CDs. While there are many avenues to help preserve and grow wealth, we believe fixed income plays a vital role in most portfolios.

Our bond team researches the appropriate bonds to generate income specifically for you striving to add value through the careful selection of fixed income products. Each portfolio is specifically tailored to the client. We evaluate risk tolerance, income requirements, tax concerns, life goals and other investment profile criteria prior to making a recommendation.

We believe that our passion for—and our love of—bond investing is the key driver that continues to elevate us, our clients, and our financial professionals to higher levels of success.

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