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Combining an innovative business approach with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Established 2012, NorthPoint Development is a privately held real estate development firm specializing in the development of Class A Real Estate facilities. Our firm differentiates itself from competitors through a strong engineering, technical, and data driven focus. We employ numerous data scientists, as well as, civil, geotech, electrical, industrial, and computer engineers.

Our motto “Beyond the Contract” embodies the concept that no contract can be written to reflect everything that will occur in a complex real estate transaction. Our approach in all business relationships is to be fair and to operate by the “Golden Rule”.


Our in-house suite of services

NorthPoint was designed with a vision of creating unparalleled value and service to our customers. To do this, we offer all of our clients, both big and small, an unrivaled suite of development services including:

Logistics Expertise

Site Selection Assistance

Incentives & Entitlements Negotiations

Architectural Design

Site Planning Expertise

Labor & Location Analytics

Property Management

Construction & Facility Design Oversight

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