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Alpha Peak ATM Services

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Complete ATM Business Solutions - Installation, Management, Service & Processing.

Mobile ATMs.

Cash is the preferred method of payment at most special events and purchases like this optimize vendor profit margins due to increased consumer spending as well as reducing merchant paid credit card fees. Alpha Peak ATM Services provides convenient access to mobile ATMs throughout the entire venue.


ATM Branding.

Custom wrap your brand new ATM. Already have an ATM? Great! Let us help you create a custom design to help make it really stand out in your place of business.



Cash Discounting Service

A cash discount works by applying a small customer service fee on all customer transactions. This fee is removed if the customer pays with cash. We provide a cash discount service where we help business owners pass incurred credit card fees onto customers and keep more of what they make.


Make it stand out.

Who we are.

Alpha Peak ATM Service is a premier full service ATM Management Company located in Staten Island, NY, providing placement of high tech, high quality, highly secure, state of the art ATM Machines in various businesses throughout New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Our Equipment.

Our machines are fully maintained by Alpha Peak. Our technicians provide constant service and support with no additional maintenance costs. A customer friendly, low transaction fee is collected at the time of each transaction at every machine while the business owner collects a check every month of the surcharge revenue generated.

Why us.

What differentiates Alpha Peak from any other ATM Service provider is our ability to provide the highest monthly revenue payouts available (up to 75%), true passion to partner with business owners to help them increase their revenues and our unparalleled white glove service. We help lower your ATM processing fees making sure you are keeping more of your surcharge while not having to do any extra work.

Who we work with.

Alpha Peak provides the best mobile ATM service in the tri-state area, offering on demand convenient and timely set up of ATMs for businesses and events such as delis, retail stores, fairs, festivals, carnivals, concerts, trade shows, air shows, sporting events, mud runs, expos and more!

Style it.

We also provide unique custom ATM designs for new or old machines. Great marketing approach for any business or event!


Free credit card processing service that helps businesses avoid costly fees by credit card companies. We’re in the business of helping you keep more of what you make by providing the most cutting edge financial technology available.

We look forward to passionately partnering with businesses in the tri-state area, providing the Alpha to help get you over the financial peak!

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