Rich Energy Solutions, LLC.

Rich Energy Solutions, LLC.


Rich Energy Solutions, LLC.

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We Guarantee to Reduce Your Operating Costs and Help Comply with Local Energy Sustainability Laws.

We've established a special team to respond to property owners, facility directors, and others looking to immediately reduce energy costs and comply with local laws regarding the reduction in building CO2 emissions. We have also secured access to $80,000,000 in funding to eliminate upfront out-of-pocket capital to complete the work as soon as possible.

Benefits of Using Rich Energy Solutions:

  1. We'll respond the same day, schedule a visit, and begin working on reducing your operating costs. (anywhere in the US)
  2. There are no fees, costs, or up-front agreements. You'll receive a FREE ASHRAE Level 2 report, including an energy savings analysis and financial report.
  3. In addition to the report, you'll receive a detailed GMP proposal/estimate to manage and install the ECM measures.
  4. We will "turnkey" the entire process for you including, installation, rebate processing, and project management of all trades.
  5. We can provide 100% financing in various forms including; PACE, Constellation on-bill funding, leasing, or conventional loan options.
  6. We're your All-in-One solution for your energy conservation project.

We're a nationally recognized award-winning business with over 100+ years of experience in the construction, engineering, and finance field. We assure you that your information will be kept confidential. 

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Contact:  Jim Rich

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Rich Energy utilizes a holistic approach, uncovering energy and cost savings measures throughout your entire property.
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